INITIAL D MEGA LISTFirst Stage (1998)
Episode 1:“The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift” (究極のとうふ屋ドリフト)
Episode 2: “Revenge! The Rumbling Turbo” (リベンジ宣言!ほえるターボ) 
Episode 3: “The Downhill Specialist Appears” (ダウンヒルズスペシャリスト登場)
Episode 4:“Into the Battle!” (交流戦突入!) 
Episode 5: “Dogfight!” (決着!ドッグファイト!) 
Episode 6: “A New Challenger” (新たなる挑戦者) 
Episode 7: “Pride of a Racer” (走りやのプライド) 
Episode 8: “Time’s Almost Up!” (タイムアップ寸前!) 
Episode 9: “Hachi-Roku(Eight-Six)Versus GT-R”(限界バトル!ハチロク VS GT-R) 
Episode 10: “Five Point Hairpin” (爆裂!5連ヘアピン) 
Episode 11: “Shingo Arrives!” (デンジャラス慎吾登場!) 
Episode 12: “The FR Killer!” (FR殺しのデスマッチ!) 
Episode 13: “Itsuki’s First Date” (イツキの初デート) 
Episode 14: “Evolving Drift!” (進化するドリフト天才!)
Episode 15: “Takumi’s Fury!” (拓海·怒涛の激走!) 
Episode 16: “The Angel of Usui” (碓氷峠のエンジェル) 
Episode 17: “Sudden-Death Death Match” (サドンデス·デスマッチ) 
Episode 18: “Hot Winds and Furious Driving” (熱風!激走!碓氷峠) 
Episode 19: “Super Drift” (決着!スーパードリフト) 
Episode 20: “The End of Summer” (ジ·エンド·オブ·サマー) 
Episode 21: “Challenge From a Super Star” (スパースターからの挑戦状) 
Episode 22: “Fierce Uphill Battle” (激闘!ヒルクライム) 
Episode 23: “The Rainy Downhill!” (雨のダウンヒルバトル!) 
Episode 24: “Akagi’s White Comet!” (赤城の白い彗星!) 
Episode 25: “The Last Battle” (決戦!ラストバトル) 
Episode 26: “A New Downhill Legend!” (新ダウンヒル伝説!) 
Second Stage (1999)
Episode 1: ”A New Threat!” (掟やぶりのスーパーウエポン!) 
Episode 2: “Team Emperor on Akina” (ランエボ軍団、秋名出撃!) 
Episode 3: “The Feeling of Defeat” (敗北の予感) 
Episode 4: “Hollow Victory” (燃えない勝利) 
Episode 5: “Countdown to Destruction” (破滅へのカウントダウン) 
Episode 6: “Goodbye Eight-Six” (さようならハチロク) 
Episode 7: “Battle at Akagi” (赤城バトル 白と黒の閃光!) 
Episode 8: “Dangerous Car” (そのクルマ 凶暴につき) 
Episode 9: “A New Eight-Six Is Born” (ニューハチロク誕生) 
Episode 10: “The Eight-Six Turbo” (宣戦布告ハチロクターボ) 
Episode 11: “The Seal Is Broken” (封印は解き放たれた…) 
Episode 12: “Eight-Six Versus Eight-Six” (ハチロクVSハチロク 魂のバトル) 
Episode 13: “Changing Seasons” (移りゆく季節のなかで) 
Extra Stage (2000)
Episode 1: “Beyond The Impact Blue”  
Episode 2:  “Sentimental White”  
Third Stage - The Movie (2001)
Initial D Third Stage - The Movie 
Battle Stage (2002)
 Initial D Battle Stage 
Fourth Stage (2004)
Episode 1: “Project D” (プロジェクトD) 
Episode 2: “Full Throttle! Downhill Battle” (全開!ダウンヒルバトル) 
Episode 3: “The Most Powerful Man of the Toudou School” (東堂塾最強の男) 
Episode 4: “Two Pieces of Advice” (二つのアドバイス) 
Episode 5: “The Starting Line to Victory” (勝利へのスタートライン) 
Episode 6: “Blind Attack” (ブラインド·アタック) 
Episode 7: “Eight-Five’s Thunderous Turbo” (嵐のハチゴーターボ) 
Episode 8: “Fateful Battle of the FDs” (運命のFDバトル) 
Episode 9: “Kyoko’s Confession” (恭子の告白) 
Episode 10: “The Saitama’s Area Ultimate Weapon” (埼玉エリア最終兵器) 
Episode 11: “Rainy Downhill Battle” (雨のダウンヒルバトル) 
Episode 12: “Straightaway of Struggles” (葛藤のストレート) 
Episode 13: “Motivation” (モチベーション) 
Episode 14: “Sad Lonely Driver” (悲しきロンリードライバー) 
Episode 15: “4WD Complex” (4WDコンプレックス) 
Episode 16: “Hillclimb of Fury” (怒りのヒル·クライム) 
Episode 17: “The Saitama Area’s Final Battle” (埼玉エリア最終決戦) 
Episode 18: “Last Drive” (ラスト·ドライブ) 
Episode 19: “God Foot and God Arm” (ゴッドフットとゴッドアーム) 
Episode 20: “The Unmatched GT-R!” (超絶GT-R!) 
Episode 21: “Dogfight” (ドッグファイト) 
Episode 22: “The Sorcerer of the Single-Handed Steer” (ワンハンドステアの魔術) 
Episode 23: “Endless Battle” (エンドレスバトル) 
Episode 24: “The Never-Ending Challenge” (終わらない挑戦) 
Battle Stage 2 (2007)****can not find***Extra Stage 2 (2008)****can not find***Fifth Stage (2012)
Episode 1: “Encounter of Destiny” (運命の出会い) 
Episode 2: “The New Battlefield” (新たなる戦場) 
Episode 3: “Dead Line” (デッド・ライン) 
Episode 4: “Revenge Battle of Fate” (因縁のリベンジバトル) 
 Episode 5: “Fujiwara Zone” (藤原ゾーン) 
 Episode 6: “Keisuke’s Determination”(啓介の意地) 
 Episode 7: “Mind of Nothing (Zero)” (無(ゼロ)の心) 
Episode 8: “White Devil” (白い悪魔) 
Initial D Live Action (2005)
Live Action Movie Dubbed 
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UPDATED Fifth Stage *1/21/2013*

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Best of Hachirock Fiesta 2012


Clean E24

Pop the Champagne TopShot by Jorge Agudo


6-24-12 The FR-S Meet

This was my first car meet and it was pretty difficult for Danny, Doug, and I seeing as we were tired from our day.

Anyways, here are the shots!

Check out all the shots here.

(Source: josephcphotography)